Changing the World 1:face at a time!

Changing the World 1:face at a time!


Have you heard of 1face watch?

It is more than just a watch!!!!

This watch has the power to feed a child, quench a thirst, help find a cure, treat a patient,  educate a child, or help save the environment.

 Each color watch represents a different cause or charity.

When you purchase one of these watches.. the funds go to a charity partner who uses it to help change the world on your behalf.


Knowing you’ve made a difference in someone else’s life is a priceless feeling! Every time you look at your watch it will remind you that you are helping change the world 1face at a time!


The watches are unisex and fun and stylish too….and you can  make a statement by helping a movement.

Abi Christine supporting Breast Cancer (pink).

9 watches = 1 mammogram

Who: National Breast Cancer Foundation: an organization that is committed to treatment of breast cancer by awareness & detection in women.

 I am supporting Hunger (white).

1 watch = food for 10 people

Who: One Day WagesA movement helping people lift themselves out of poverty.




These can make great gifts too…my sister loves watches..I got her the black one that helps find a cure for one of the most lethal diseases… Cancer (black).

1 watch = support for 8 cancer patients

Who: American Cancer Society: an organization that helps spread awareness by providing programs, treatment and research.



Kimber Kiefer

I am a model, fitness guru, and bikini competitor. I was born in Michigan, but I have lived in Texas most of my life. I consider myself 100% Texan and proud of it. I love being a southern girl where most of the year is warm bikini and beach weather.


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