DO you get fixated by numbers on a scale?

DO you get fixated by numbers on a scale?

Are you obsessed with your weight?

Do you get fixated on the numbers on the scale?

DO you weigh yourself daily?

If so, you should STOP.

Your success cannot be measured by numbers on a scale.


Here is an sister just started a weight training program and a clean eating plan (eating clean healthy food every 2-3 hours). She had her first check in and only lost 1 lb on the scale but, gained 2.5lbs of muscle .

Initial weight 120 lbs..after 4 weeks of program her weight is 119lb.
She had 2 1/2 lb muscle gain which means 3 1/2lbs of fat GONE!!!!
SO important to not rely on the scale to measure your progress.

You should be:

1. Looking in the mirror~look for changes in your shape etc..although we don’t always notice the small changes on ourselves.
2. Using a tape measure measure ~the circumference of body parts..if arms are getting bigger and waist is getting smaller..good changes are happening
3. Using a body fat caliper~taking skin fold measurements on your abs, obliques, triceps, legs etc IF the numbers are going down you are losing body fat.
4. Taking progress pics~it is easier to notice small changes when you have pics to compare. You should be taking your pics in same outfit and under the same light.

I personally do not get fixated on numbers. I do love have the accountability of checking in with someone and being weighed and track my progress.

The most important thing to me is how I look and feel in my own skin!!

Losing weight does not happen overnight

Getting in shape and staying in shape is not always easy and fun ….. It will take patience, consistency, dedication, and will power. Results will not happen overnight and you will have struggles and setbacks.

 Keep healthy living simple and enjoyable. You need to find healthy foods and activity that you enjoy if you want to be successful.

There are no short balanced healthy foods, be active, lift weights, drink plenty of water, be consistent and dedicated (with balance of course)…the results will come..I promise!






Kimber Kiefer

I am a model, fitness guru, and bikini competitor. I was born in Michigan, but I have lived in Texas most of my life. I consider myself 100% Texan and proud of it. I love being a southern girl where most of the year is warm bikini and beach weather.


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