Tighten Your Glutes

Tighten Your Glutes



4 sets 5-10 reps each leg (depending on your fitness level) …so do 5-10 on right leg…then 5-10 on left…then 5-10 on right..etc for 4 sets..then move on to next exercise…..attempt to only rest between sets..but take one if needed. SO one leg is resting while the other one is working.

You will need to assess your weight..one legged=less weight..possible even no weight..start with less and master your form and you increase as you go! 
Keep torso upright…always keep your knee at 90 degrees ..keeping knee over ankle..don’t let it extend over your toe.

** Reverse lunge in Smith machine..want to challenge yourself more…attempt to never touch the back leg down..no tapping no pushing..get deep and low. IF needed you can lightly tap..but try not to. “Legless Lunge” by
Shannan Yorton  with Quest Nutrition..thanks for sharing Shannan!

*** Single-leg dead lift – (dumbbells) my first time to try these today. Grab a pair of dumbbells and stand on your left foot. Lift your right foot behind you (keep slight bend in left knee) and bend forward at your hips until right leg is parallel with the floor. ..pause and then push your body back into starting position. Use your glutes to push your hips forward..don’t use your back. 

~~~~~~~~ Tip to help nail deadlifting…act like there is a nail in the wall behind you and reach your booty back to the nail and squeeze your glutes to grab the nail and pull it straight out of the wall..love this!!!

I think of it every time I do dead lifts…helps me nail form!!!! Try it!










*** Single-leg hack squat – attempt to keep the weight off of one leg..couldn’t find good picture of one leg… (can hold up in front of you or down behind you…if needed ..you can do a light tap if needed

56_2    56_1









*** Single-leg Reverse Lung – (dumbbells ).. can do with no weight. Start with feet together and slider under your right foot. Slide right foot behind you keeping most of the weight on the left leg..drive through your heel on the left foot as you return slider. If you don’t have a slider…just lunge back…just remember to use the left leg to get you back into start position.







*** Single-leg Bulgarian split squat – ( dumbbells) . can do with no weight. Stand with dumbbells at side face away from bench..extend back leg back and place top of foot on bench. Squat until back knee is almost in contact with the floor..return to standing position.








*** Curtsy Lunge – (can use dumbbells at your side or barbell at your back) . A lunge variation that helps target your glutes. Stand with your feet hip width apart…keep your weight on the left foot and take a big step back crossing your right foot behind your left leg as if you were doing a curtsy…again keep most of your weight on that left foot and drive through the heel as you return your right foot.











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